Children's Clinic

Our Pediatric clinic is headed by experienced and well trained pediatricians (child specialist) that work 7-days a week. We provide urgent care, After Hours care in a child-friendly environment.

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general internal med

Adult Medicine Clinic

Internal medicine is a broad-based specialty with roots in primary care. These specialists (Internists) diagnose and manage diseases involving any organ or organ systems.

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family clinic

Family Physicans

Family physicians available 7 days a week. Accepting new patients. Our family physicians offer comprehensive management of health care for all your family members.

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Women's Clinic

Our team of physicians headed by gynecologists can deal with all women�s issues. We provide $5.00 Birth Control Pills, $10 Morning After Pills, PAP Tests, Prenatal Care, Coloscopy Clinic, Acute gynecological Problems etc.

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healthy sex

Healthy Sexuality Clinic

Our team of gynecologists, women�s clinic physicians and family physicians are dedicated to providing consultation, support, resources, counseling, programming and clinical services that are inclusive, non-judgemental, respectful and confidential.

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drivers clinic

Driver's Clinic

We offer Drivers Medical Assessment for $60. Our formula of low-cost and quick access is why drivers from all over North America visit our clinic first.

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general surgery

Trauma Clinic

Our Trauma Clinic is comprised of board-certified surgeons, joint specialists, soft tissue specialists and associated physiotherapist who provide evaluation and treatment for a full range of trauma conditions.

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annual health check inquiry

Annual Health Exam

All individuals are recommended to have an annual health exam every year. Our physicians can provide comprehensive medical history, assessment and treatment to mitigate future health problems. Have your Annual Health Exam done by our qualified physicians today.

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On-Site Pharmacy

On-Site pharmacy operates from 8AM-11PM everyday (same hours as Medical Clinic). Our highly trained pharmacy staff will deliver fast and accurate prescriptions along with in-depth patient counseling.

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Onsite X-Ray & Laboratory

Our X-Ray & Ultrasound operates 7-days a week. X-rays are read by qualified staff radiologists or screened by physicians on duty. Trauma Clinic Specialists provide ongoing care for any injuries identified on X-Rays.

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travel clinic

Travel Clinic

Traveling to a new & exotic destination can be one of life�s greatest adventures. Make sure you have your vaccinations up-to-date so you can have a safe and healthy trip.

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other medical

Other Clinics

We have a host of various medical specialists that work together to provide complete patient care.

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