Peyronie's Disease

May 30, 2018 Source: Internal - Yilin Zhang, Other Source:

What it is

Peyronie's disease penis involves the accumulation of scar tissue inside the penis leading to a bent or curvature of an erect penis. The disease most often affects older men, but can also affect younger men and is not a normal part of aging. Those with Peyronie's may experience pain and develop scarring in other parts of the body.


The causes of Peyronie's disease is unclear, but it suspected that trauma (hitting/bending) can cause bleeding that results in the formation of plaque. In other individuals, genetics may play a factor in the development of Peyronie's

Treatment Options

In most cases, treatment is not necessary and the condition usually improves over time. The pain is usually mild and only occurs during an erection. In some individuals, surgery may be warranted to remove the plaque or altering the penile tissue to reduce curvature. Medications, such as pentoxifylline, are also available.

If you are currently suffering from Peyronie's disease and require assistance from a physician, our on-site urologist would be happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns.