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Need to see a specialist? Here at Rapid Access to Medical Specialists we provide you with access to the best resources in healthcare. We have many specialists in the same place which are able to help you with any medical problems that may come up. Health care professional examining a baby with a stethoscope. This could be a regular check up or a baby that is sick. Our pediatric clinic has the specialist to take care of all your child’s medical needs. We have pediatric allergists, fetal, maternal and pediatric cardiologists, pediatric neurodevelopmental specialists, pediatric respirology clinic, and pediatric skin care clinic. Need to see a paediatrician for your kids? No problem! Need to see a Gynecologist? No problem! Need a family doctor? No problem! At rapid access to medical specialists we have doctors which can take care of all your family’s medical needs, all under one roof. Need to see a paediatrician for your kids? No problem! Need to see a Gynecologist? No problem! Need a family doctor? No problem! At rapid access to medical specialists we have doctors which can take care of all your family’s medical needs, all under one roof. Patient from Toronto,ON testimonial on May 7, 2016: Relatively fast considering it is a holiday & the clinic is open. Have a gynecological issue? Simply Walk-in. We have a Women’s Health clinic that can take care of any issues that may arise. We have gynecologists, doctors specialized in women’s health, at our clinic and can get you in to see them quickly Not only do we provide rapid access to specialists, our doctors are courteous, professional, and friendly. Our team of medical professionals will take care of your medical needs quickly and professionally. Instead of waiting hours and hours in the ER or waiting months for an appointment, our patients come to our clinic for the quick and professional service we provide. Traditional access to medical specialists involves travelling many kilometres to do various tests before seeing a specialist, which can be a month wait and on the other side of the city from your family doctor. In our “Rapid Access” Model we do away with all that. You can just walk in to see a doctor whenever you need to, 7 days a week. If any tests need to be done: either laboratory or x-ray and ultrasound, we have them in the same building, you just walk to another room! If you need to fill a prescription, no problem. We have a pharmacy in the building. If the doctor wants you to see a specialist, no problem. We have multiple medical specialists right here in the same building. You do not need to travel to another part of the city, simply another part of the clinic! Our clinic is able to provide you with Rapid Access to specialists to take care of all your medical needs.  You just simply walk in and we will take care of the rest. Our patients travel from as far as Barrie to see our Drs as we can get them in quicker then what they can get from their own doctors! Frustrated because you want to see a doctor and they only available during inconvenient times? Can’t get an appointment with a specialist? Just Walk-in to our clinic! We’re open 8AM to 11PM 365 days a year, no appointment necessary. We can get you to see a medical specialist in no time!

Welcome to Rapid Access To Medical Specialists

We are a multi-specialty medical clinic located in the heart of Mississauga.

Presently we operate the following medical specialty clinics regularly:

Our clinic offers many services every day, even holidays.
Our clinic is staffed with qualified pediatricians every day, 8:00AM to 11:00PM. Simply bring your child or baby and you will be able to see a pediatrician.
Our clinic has services offered by family doctors every day. If you need a family doctor for you and your family, simply walk in.
Family Medicine

Stress, Counselling & Nutrition Clinic
Our clinic conducts all Ontario Driver’s medicals from 9AM to 9PM every day. No appointments required.
Driver Medicals
Cup with urine, urinalyses test strips. Stethoscope. The lab is open 7 days a week and provides various services including: blood collection, 5 minute urinalysis, EKGs. We also provide pulmonary function tests (PFT) which are interpreted by a doctor within minutes. The x-ray and ultrasound facility is open 7 days a week. They are equipped with multiple x-ray services allowing for rapid service. The facility also offers ultrasound, cardiac echo, and bone density tests.
Medical Lab & X-ray
Our pharmacy is open every day 8AM to 11PM for rapid service. After seeing a doctor, you can head to the pharmacy to fill your prescription in the same place.

Internal medicine specialists are Medical doctors who specialize in dealing with a wide range of complex medical problems in adults. In our clinic we have Internal medicine specialists every day, 8AM to 11PM 365 days a year. You can just walk-in! No appointment necessary
Constant itchy and runny nose? Sneezing often around pollen? Think you have seasonal allergies? Difficult breathing when exercising? Our allergy and Asthma specialists are trained to diagnose, manage, and treat allergic and asthmatic disease. If our doctors suspect you may need to see an allergist we can get you to see one quickly! Simply walk-in today and see a doctor.
Allergy & Asthma
Concerned about your heart? Unexplained chest pains? Shortness of breath? Our cardiologists are doctors which specialize in the heart. Our facility is equipped with specialized instruments to best take care of your heart and any cardiovascular disease
Cardiology (Heart)
Travelling soon? Want to make the best of your vacation without worrying about foreign disease? Give us a call to book an appointment with our travel specialists which are available 7 days a week at extended hours. Our travel doctors are experienced in global disease and can help you experience your trip without having to worry about your health.
Travel Medicine
If you are constantly out of breath and having to rely on puffers all the time our respiratory clinic can help you. Our respirologists can help you with any breathing and lung concerns you may have. Just simply Walk-in.
Respiratory (Lungs)
Are you diabetic? Do you need to manage your glucose and insulin levels? Our hormone clinic runs every day, no appointment necessary. You can walk-in and see our doctors which can help diagnose, treat, and manage wide range of hormone related medical problems.
Our infectious disease specialists are medical doctors trained in diagnosing, managing, and treating various infectious diseases. If you are experiencing frequent infections that won’t go away even though you’ve seen a doctor multiple times, just walk-in and see our infectious disease specialist
Infect. Diseases
Having kidney problems? Come see Nephrologists which are doctors trained in the diagnosis, management and treatment of kidney problems. Our Kidney clinic is open 7 days a week, you can just walk in and see a doctor which can help you in any kidney-related concerns you may have
Nephrology (Kidney)
Our cancer clinic is run by medical oncologists, who are doctors which specialize in the diagnosing and treatment of cancer. The clinic also has surgeons as well as other specialist which can help in treatment, and removal, as well potential treatment side effects.
Oncology (Cancer)
If you recently experienced a joint injury due to sports our sports clinic can help you recover and return to prime physical shape. Our sports clinic is run by rheumatologists which are medical doctors specializing in joint and muscle related medical problems. Our sports clinic can help those that are experiencing unexplained joint pain which is preventing you from carrying out your normal daily routine.
Sports (Joint Pain)
Rapid Access to Medical Specialist connects you with many medical specialists to address all your health needs.
Our facility has many surgical clinics such as Trauma, general surgery, gynecologists, Ear Nose, and Throat (ENT), otolaryngology, plastic surgeon, Urology, thoracic (chest), and colorectal surgery
Our gynecology clinic is run by certified gynaecologists and internal medicine specialists experienced with treatment of women’s issues
Our Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) clinic is there for all your ENT medical needs for all ages multiple times a week. Simply walk-in. If you experience any ear aches, hearing problems, ear wax, chronic sore throat, or nose problems, our ENT specialist can help you.
Ear, Nose, & Throat
Orthopedic Surgery
Medical professional dressed in surgical attire. Gloves, scrubs, hair net, mask. Our surgical clinic is run by board-certified general surgeons who can assess at treat many medical issues requiring surgical intervention such as: suturing of cuts (laceration), abscesses, excisions, in grown toe nails, and many more
General Surgery
Female having two needles injected into her right cheek by one set of hands while having her left cheek examined by another set of hands. Our plastic/ skin surgery clinic can help with many skin or surgical related problems while achieving the best cosmetic results.
Plastic/Skin Surgery
Female abdominal and pelvic area. Highlighted is the urinary tract: kidneys, ureter, bladder, and urethra. The urology clinic can help you with any medical problems of the urinary and reproductive system. This involves the kidneys, ureter, bladder, and urethra.
Surgeon with a scalpel about to make an incision. Our Thoracic surgery clinic can help you with wide range of medical problems involving the chest area. This can include rib fractures, lumps in the chest area, chest cancers: lung, stomach, oesophageal
Thoracic (Chest) Surgery
Our rectal bleed and colorectal clinic provides services dealing with: hemorrhoids, colon cancer screening, anal fissures, rectal bleeds, and many other diseases involving the colon. Our colorectal surgeons have access to a colonoscopy facility where they can provide rapid care for your medical needs.
Rectal Bleed. & Colorectal
If you are having any foot problems, our foot care clinic will be able to help you. It is run by: surgeons, chiropodists, rheumatologists and multiple other specialists to take care of all your foot care needs.
Foot Care Clinic
Surgeon holding a surgical instrument. Various surgical instruments in a sterile field: scissor, needle driver, scalpel, clamp. Our trauma clinic can deal with a wide range of physical conditions such as: sports injury, neck and back pain, cuts and bruises, biopsies and excision of tissues. Our facility is equipped with On-site x-ray and ultra sound in order to provide rapid care 7 days a week
Trauma Clinic


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