"Walk-in" Men's (Sexual) Health Clinic

Men commonly forget that even their bodies require care and attention. Unfortunately for many of us it will be too late before we learn this lesson. If you are a male and have any questions/concerns about your general or sexual health, do not hesitate to visit our weekly Mens Health Clinic.

The Men's Health Clinic is lead by urologists who provide the following services:

  • VIAGRA CLINIC - for sexual dysfunction, assessment and treatment
    • FREE Condom Samples
    • STD Assessment
    • Assessment of Bladder, Urination and Kidney Problems
    • Assessment of Male Androgen/Hormone Levels (e.g. Testosterone)
  • ANNUAL Health Prostate Exams
    • STD/HIV Check-up
    • Prostate Cancer Check-up
    • Genital Warts
    • Vasectomies
    • Sperm Analysis
  • Available every week
  • NO appointments necessary. Simply walk-in during the specialists working hours